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Paying tuition with funding

Graduate students who wish to apply their on-campus earnings and/or scholarships against their tuition owing must submit the graduate student promissory note for deferment of fees and tuition deduction form and supporting documentation to

Important notes:

  • Applicable only to current tuition (not outstanding or future balances).
  • Must be received and approved before the posted tuition payment deadlines or late fees and a hold will be applied to the student account.
  • Must be completed each term.
  • Only 70 per cent of your TA or RA employment will be applicable towards tuition (due to deductions such as EI and CPP).
  • Contact your graduate program director if you have not received your contract(s) yet.

Students are responsible for checking their MyCampus account regularly and are responsible for any balance owing at the end of each term.

Should you need assistance completing this form or have questions about the process, please contact