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2015-2016 cost of living

The following is an estimation of the cost of living for a single international graduate student while attending UOIT for a 12-month period during the 2015-2016 academic year. Individual spending and lifestyle will vary depending on your personal needs.

Students with families may want to increase the amounts for groceries, meals, miscellaneous and housing expenses for their personal estimation purposes.

Expenses Single student
Average tuition for flat-fee program 2015-2016
Varies by program. See tuition and fees for details.
$17,707 - $19,305
Average tuition for fee-per-credit programs 2015-2016
Varies by program. See tuition and fees for details.
$20,345 - $42,414
Compulsory ancillary fees
Includes University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) for the student. Students wishing to contribute to UHIP for dependents will see an added cost per person.
Personal/textbooks/supplies $1,800
Residence/housing costs
Varies depending on location and on- or off-campus housing.
Clothing/miscellaneous $2,400
Groceries/meals $3,600
Approximate total $37,405 - $62,112

The above expenses are estimates in Canadian dollars and are applicable for the 2015-2016 academic year, unless otherwise noted.

For additional information on the cost of living in Canada, visit the Study in Canada website.

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