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Graduate and associate graduate faculty

Graduate faculty must have an academic appointment at UOIT. All faculty members listed in new proposal briefs are automatically considered for graduate faculty status as determined by the criteria set out in the Graduate Academic Calendar. When a program is scheduled for a program review, all faculty members are re-evaluated for graduate teaching and supervision privileges.

There are two categories of graduate teaching and supervision privileges at UOIT: graduate faculty and associate graduate faculty. The criteria for membership in each of these categories and the responsibilities for which the members are authorized are defined in the Graduate Academic Calendar. 

Faculty members can be appointed to a particular program as either a graduate faculty or associate graduate faculty member. They may be appointed to a program within or outside their home faculty. They may be appointed to more than one program. 

The appointment may occur when the faculty member's name is included in a proposal brief for a new program or field. If the faculty member has not been included as a member of the program faculty in the proposal brief, then the graduate program director of the program can nominate the candidate by following the process described below:

  1. Review criteria for membership and determine whether the candidate is a nominee for a graduate faculty or an associate graduate faculty appointment. Select the appropriate nomination form (see below).
  2. Complete the nomination form in consultation with the home dean(s) for the program and the nominee's home dean(s) (if different from the program dean).
  3. Submit the nomination form and the CV of the nominee to the Dean of Graduate Studies.
  4. In those cases where adjunct faculty members are being nominated as associate graduate faculty, the graduate program director is also required to submit a copy of the memorandum to the faculty dean from the Provost approving the adjunct appointment.


Note: A separate form must be used for each program to which the candidate is being nominated.

The Dean of Graduate Studies can accept the appointment and report this to the Graduate Studies Committee or refer the case to the Graduate Studies Committee of Academic Council for the decision. 

The Dean of Graduate Studies will send a letter to the nominee to confirm acceptance of his/her appointment as a graduate faculty or associate graduate faculty member. Copies of the letter will also be sent to the dean(s) and graduate program director(s) of the program to which the nominee is appointed and the dean(s) of the nominee's home faculty (if different from the program dean).

Note: Core faculty members who are hired after a graduate program has been approved to commence must be nominated as graduate faculty or associate graduate faculty using the process described above.

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